Craft Mustard Made in Michigan



2017 fiery food challenge

The Fiery Food Challenge is a competition that invites hot, “really hot”, spicy and zesty foods and fiery food-related products to be submitted by those folks vying for the prestigious Golden Chile Award – one of only two “fiery” food awards that stand out in the United States.


2nd Place 'Mild Mustard': Backwoods Mustard Sweet Jalapeno

2nd Place 'Hot Mustard': Backwoods Mustard Honey Habanero

2017 Winner's List



2016 chile pepper awards

Chile Pepper Magazine Awards.


1st Place Mustard: Backwoods Mustard Sweet Jalapeno

2016 Winner's List

World hot sauce awards

The World Hot Sauce Awards is a competition to find the best Extreme and Intense Foods in the World.


1st Place Mustard - 2016: Backwoods Mustard Honey Habanero

2nd Place Mustard - 2014: Backwoods Mustard Sweet Jalapeno

2014 Winner's List

2016 Winner's List