The “Uncle Ted” Breakfast


After the morning hunt, Uncle Ted made a breakfast of venison sausage, eggs and potatoes and accompanied his meal with our very own Backwoods Mustard “Sweet Jalapeno”.  As you can see in the photo above, we got a “thumbs up”.  [Read full story here]

Thanks Ted for supporting fellow hunters and Michigan small business.  We REALLY appreciate it!

The Uncle Ted Breakfast (Inspired by Ted Nugent)

Venison Sausage Scrambled Eggs and Potatoes.


§  6-7 Red Skin Potatoes (about 5 cups chopped)

§  4 cloves Garlic, Minced

§  1 whole Onion, Peeled And Roughly Chopped

§  2 whole Green Bell Pepper, Seeded And Roughly Chopped

§  2 whole Red Bell Pepper, Seeded And Roughly Chopped

§  1/4 cup Olive Oil

§  1/4 cup of Backwoods Mustard “Sweet Jalapeno”

§  1/2 stick Butter, Melted

§  1 teaspoon Seasoned Salt

§  1/2 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

§  Kosher Salt And Freshly Ground Black Pepper

§  Venison sausage, diced

§  8 eggs


1.      Dice the potatoes with a sharp knife

2.      Using a large bowl, toss together the potatoes, garlic, onion, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, olive oil, butter, seasoned salt, cayenne pepper and some kosher salt and pepper

3.      Heat a deep skillet up over medium high heat. Add 4 tablespoons of butter to the pan. Allow it to melt down.

4.      Add your contents from bowl to the skillet

5.      Cover the skillet and let the potatoes cook through. Should take about 15 minutes.

6.      Check and stir potatoes. Make sure you check the potatoes periodically to make sure they don’t burn.

7.      When the potatoes are soft on the inside, transfer to bowl and mix with 1/8 cup of Backwoods Mustard

8.      Using the same skillet and without cleaning,  add diced sausage and let simmer for 3-5 minutes.

9.      Break open eggs and add to skillet

10.  Scramble eggs with venison sausage until eggs are cooked.

11.  Transfer eggs to bowl and mix with 1/8 cup of Backwoods Mustard

Serve and enjoy