Kroger to stock Backwoods Mustard Company products


Backwoods Mustard roots go back over two generations. Originally it was made for the annual deer camp, family members, and friends. But until recently, it didn’t even have a name. People use to request our mustard by saying, “Bring some more of that mustard when you come over.”  It wasn’t until mid 2012 that the name “Backwoods Mustard Company” came into existence with the creation of our company.  The general public wouldn’t even hear of Backwoods Mustard Company until our public launch party and charity event at 51 North Brewery on June 15, 2013.

Now just over 4 months later we are in 44 retail stores, bars and restaurants.  Even more exciting, starting this week, Kroger will begin rolling out Backwoods Mustard into 37 of their South Eastern Michigan stores.  We’ll be featured on the “Made in Michigan” end caps with other great Michigan-made brands.

Kroger is a Michigan company and they have been one of the champions in the Made in Michigan movement helping bring Michigan-made products to the forefront.  They know how important it is to endorse local products. Kroger calculated that if every household in Michigan were to spend only $10 a week on Michigan-made products, approximately $40 million would return to the state on a weekly basis.

We had a good gut feeling that the product would be successful, or else we would have never taken it to market.  But we never expected to be in Kroger and to be in over 80 stores by Michigan’s 2013 hunting season.  To say we’re humbled would be an understatement.

The success we’ve had thus far is largely in part to two very passionate communities that we got involved with early on. – the Made in Michigan community and the outdoor community.  Both have welcomed us with open arms and have really bent over backwards with media opportunities, retail store leads, or good old fashioned advice.

If you haven’t tried Backwoods Mustard Company’s “Sweet Jalapeno” mustard yet, visit our online store or stop by one of our retail partners. For a  full map of our retail locations, click here: