Grocery store triples order after huge success of Backwoods Mustard Company’s first public sampling

Ortonville, MI - May 20, 2013:  Backwoods Mustard Company has huge success at their first public sampling during Bueche’s Food World Anniversary Sale.

Backwoods Mustard Company was onsite at Bueche’s Food World on Friday May 17 with Johnsonville serving free bratwurst with optional Backwoods Mustard.  On Saturday May 16, Backwoods representatives joined the Pepsi booth selling hot dogs and promoting the Sweet Jalapeno mustard.  Also on Saturday, a sampling station was setup inside Bueche’s were customers had the chance to taste and purchase the Sweet Jalapeno mustard.

Backwoods Mustard sample table at Bueche’s Food World

Backwoods Mustard sample table at Bueche’s Food World

In just over 3 hours on Saturday, Bueche’s sold over 7 cases of Backwoods Mustard Company’s Sweet Jalapeno Mustard.  Bueche’s intial 5 case order turned into a 15 case sale.  ”We were going to be happy if we sold a couple cases for Bueche’s on Saturday.  We never expected to sell so many in such a short amount of time.  We’re very excited.” Stated David Saterstad, Vice-President and CMO of Backwoods Mustard Company.  Brian Ernst, the President and Founder, goes on to say, “There was such a buzz about our mustard.  I actually overheard customers talking about our product  in the parking lot on more than one occasion.  It was crazy!”

Backwoods Mustard Company isn’t slated to officially launch until June 15, 2013. They are, however, involved in discussions with several local retail and grocery stores that may also stock Backwoods Mustard Company products.  ”We already have product in 3 stores and we’ve only had product for two weeks.  Things are moving fast,” says David Saterstad.  To view current retail locations, visit the Backwoods Mustard Store Locator.

About Backwoods Mustard Company

The creators of Backwoods Mustard have been redefining mustard since 1992.  Backwoods Mustard Company creates unique, specialty mustard catering to the outdoor industry through both wholesale and retail channels.  Backwoods Mustard is distributed to grocery stores, restaurants, independent distributors, retail stores and game lodges. Product is also available for sale to individuals at the retail website. The goal of Backwoods Mustard Company is to provide a unique product experience that goes beyond taste buds by delivering premium specialty foods that reflect both their admiration and appreciation for the great outdoors and by creating a medium of conversation for like-minded individuals.

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