Craft Mustard Made in Michigan


Michigan. Outdoor. Tradition.


Backwoods Mustard Company creates Michigan-made craft mustard utilizing family recipes with a focus on tradition, Michigan, and the Great Outdoors.

Launching commercially in June of 2013, Backwoods Mustard can now be found in over 125 retail stores, restaurants, and breweries.  Our product is unique in that our recipes are old family hunt camp recipes dating back two generations. Because of that our products are geared toward Michigan, tradition, and the Great Outdoors.



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Craft Beer + Craft Mustard = Awesome

A "craft" of any kind requires a particular set of skills acquired over time through hands-on experience.  These skills are distinctly different from one individual to another. The end result... a truly unique product that is a reflection of the craftsman's creativity, dedication, and love for the craft itself.

Not only does craft beer and craft mustard share this creative process, but they also share space on your table.  Those who indulge in the world of craft beer do not limit their crafty choices to beer alone.  Craft beer enthusiasts may just as well be called "craft enthusiasts".  These are people who appreciate the art of making things and the thought of having an ordinary, mass produced, mustard while they're enjoying their drinkable artwork, may just be enough to knock them right off their brew pub stool. 

Besides, it doesn't get much better than a micro brew paired with a brat smothered in Backwoods.

There’s something in the beer universe that says – if you love craft beer, then you must also love music, dogs, pickles and homemade mustard.
— The Beer Chicks, Cooking Channel

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